Monday, October 8, 2012

What if the US were invaded and occupied?

And what if the occupying force wanted to train and arm Americans to operate the government they imposed after they withdrew their own troops?

Lets say, totally hypothetically, that the same foreign government that was killing children in your land with flying robots and had paid bounties for alleged "terrorists" to torture them and make them disappear forever in prisons, also recruited you to work for them as one of their soldiers.

Might you be tempted to shoot a few of them if they gave you opportunity to do so?

Read the reports. We've passed the 2000 mark of Americans killed in Afghanistan. Many of those (especially lately) were killed by a member of "our" Afghan security forces.

It is insane for us to be surprised about this.

We are now entering our twelfth year. I prophecy that, when our thirteenth year begins, NATO will be assuring us that the war is "on track."

And it is. To Hell.

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