Monday, September 24, 2012

You seriously think, Christian, that Jesus wants you to back this?

"I find myself caught between the need to follow the drone debate and the need to avoid unpleasant memories it stirs. I used drones – unmanned aerial vehicles – during the nadir of my military career that was an operational tour in Afghanistan. I remember cuing up a US Predator strike before deciding the computer screen wasn't depicting a Taliban insurgent burying an improvised explosive device in the road; rather, a child playing in the dirt." (Read the rest)

There is no excuse for this. Ever. It only makes sense if you are hoping to provoke endless blowback to stimulate endless military spending. As ethics, it is murder. As foreign policy, it is suicide as well as homicide.

And the sheer self-righteousness of it all... The Bush Administration assuring us that we had to invade Iraq because Hussein had "unmanned aerial drones" that could reach the Eastern Seaboard. And we still act like we have the moral high ground. Stop it. Just make it stop!

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